We’ll walk you through how this air-con logo was born. Scroll down for the whole brand case study.

About the project's brief:

Laszlo asked us to make a new logo for his air-conditioner service business. We had an hour of consultation to have every essential information about his needs and to fill out his brief questionnaire form.

He wanted a modern and straightforward look logo which has unique. Almost everybody uses snowflakes or sun in his field, so we needed to find something easily recognisable but different from others.

We decided to make a Logotype design from his chosen name (the name is the first letter of his wife, and his name – Boglarka & Laszlo) “BOLA” + KLÍMA (air-conditioning) – also pretty easy to memorise this word pair.

Fonts & Colours:

The typography is a Sans Serif font for a modern and minimalist look. It represents the quality and simplicity of this logo.

The colours 100% needed to be blue for the “cold sense”, and in the thermometer, we also wanted an “icy blue” colour to show the primary goal of the air-conditioning: lower the temperature and have fresh, cool air on a hot summer day.


We have got a minimalist, modern and easy-to-remember logo, which is way different from any competitors in this air-conditioner service area.





The reaction of one of the CEO's

Please look below at what Laszlo, the BOLA KLIMA Air-conditioning services CEO, said about the work and its results.

" Helpful and respond quickly. If I hadn't known they were beginners, I wouldn't have thought about it, as they professionally handled my requests. I can only recommend them! "
Laszlo Fodor
Bola Klima, Air-con services

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