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Hungarian Powerlifting Federation

We’ll walk you through our journey of winning a logo tender and redesigning a 26-year-old logo. Scroll down to learn more.

The tender winner logo

“Our athletes have proudly worn the old logo of the Hungarian Powerlifting Federation in regional and international competitions for the past 26 years.

After viewing more than 74 designs, Gary Fodor’s (Humbl Creatives) logo won the president’s approval.”

The project's brief

The federation wanted a neat, schematic logo which reflects power and strength. It must look pleasing in the Hungarian national colours (red, white, and green), black and white, and be functional on various digital platforms and in printed forms.

After careful research and brainstorming, we figured the logo should have a professional “Olympic Sport” look. It was also essential that the logo be easy to remember and instantly recognisable.

The story behind the logo

We chose the sumo deadlift for our logo because it is a unique and visually striking lift in powerlifting. The target audience, who may not be familiar with powerlifting, will distinguish it from the similar Olympic weightlifting sport.

We were also inspired by the Hungarian powerlifter Enahoro Asein, who set a world record in the sumo deadlift in the 83kg weight class with a lift of 362.5 kilograms. His accomplishment is a testament to the power and athleticism of sumo deadlifts, and it will help to make our logo more memorable and impactful.

Let's break down the old logo



The shapes

We wanted to create a powerful and masculine logo, so we made the calves and other elements sharp and angular. This gives the logo a sense of strength and stability.

The triangle shape between the legs also contributes to the feeling of power and movement. The slightly inclined and 3D body adds dynamism and interest, creating a sporty atmosphere.

Finally, the negative (transparent) elements make the logo more exciting and modern. They help to create a sense of depth and movement, and they also make the logo more versatile, as they can be used on various backgrounds.


We used the Anybody font (designed by Tyler Finck) for our logotype. It is a clean, modern, bold sans-serif typeface perfect for this masculine and professional brand.

We also used the negative technique on the letter “E” and italic style to create a sense of movement and dynamism. This helps to unify the logo mark and logotype, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design.


It was a considerable challenge to neatly hide the Hungarian national colours in the logo.

We decided to make white and black the primary colours as we already have red and green in the letter “E”- we didn’t want to make it look cheap or unprofessional with too many colours.

In the logo, white represents simplicity and minimalism, while black creates a modern and sophisticated look.

National team uniform

How a sketched plan comes to life

After we finished their logo design project, they requested a personalised mockup for their national team uniform.

Our task was to create a 3D mockup based on detailed plans and drawings provided by the manufacturer. The mockup would assist the federation in choosing the best style and colour option.

We made six designs for the cloth company’s director, and the federation picked the one with red and green colours. See the photo below.

Now they
wear it proudly.

The Hungarian Powerlifting Federation now proudly wears their new logo on their uniforms. They have also printed it on various other items, such as the massive banner in the background, podium, flags, and more.

Miklos Fekete, who won the European Championship again in the masters’ category, was responsible for the logo brief and where the project ended. We had a lot of consultations with him throughout the task.


As a result, we created a logo that is different from its competitors and can be used in any form and platform, such as stationery, social media (e.g., Instagram, Facebook), websites, national colour clothing, flags, banners, and so on.

This timeless, clean, and easy-to-remember logo can be used now to target younger generations.



Hungarian Powerlifting Federation


The reaction of the federation

Please look below at what Miklos Fekete, European champion powerlifter and board member (with whom we worked together on the project and who provided us with a great brief about it), said about the work and its results.

"Result was above expectations despite the task being extremely difficult (Logo redesign for a national sports federation). Very well done."
Miklos Fekete

Do you like how we redesigned this 26-year-old logo?

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