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Megan Watkinson

We’ll walk you through how we made this bold and unique logo for this lovely and passionate hairdresser. Scroll down for the whole logo case study.

The project's brief:

For this hairdresser project, we had to create a brand logo representing our client’s uniqueness, passion for her profession, and future goal.

She wanted the logo to be different from others, have an elegant look, and be bold and fun, as she likes to be proactive in hairdressing.

She preferred vivid colours. She doesn’t like pastels and neutrals because she finds them boring.

The process:


She left the design to our imagination, but considering our client’s future goal, her biggest dream of hairdressing is to be on a boat on the ocean.

Our first sketch was a logo resembling “a boat and a girl hairdresser on board” – like on the old pirate ship’s prows.

The process:


She liked how we incorporated the boat and woman with the little details like the scissors.

However, since she’ll be in a salon first, the first logo plan would’ve been misleading for many people.

So we’ve done a “mermaid” sketch which made more sense and, simultaneously, different from others on the market.

Also, the mermaid still represents and foreshadows her future goal.

The process:


She loved that we created a mermaid because it stood out, but we felt something missing and not really what we wanted to represent in the final result.

So in the final result, we created a more elegant, classic, and luxurious look and a bold and stand-out logo.


the main elements & focal points

The mermaid’s upwards posture and her hair indicate passion and energy.

Finally, as a result, we’ve got our client’s name’s logotype in a more elegant and premium feel – which we also wanted to be displayed.





Megan's reaction

Please look below at what Megan Watkinson, professional haridresser said about the work and its results.

" Anett was professional, considerate and very creative when escalating my ideas. My mind is very chaotic, so when it came to finding a logo representing me, she completely nailed it!! "
Megan Watkinson
Professional Hairdresser

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