Rom' Art

Artistic and Cultural Association

We’ll walk you through how we built this lovely line art logo for this Classical music brand. Scroll down for the whole brand case study.

The brief:

Rom’ Art is a classical Hungarian gipsy music band. The band is formed of young, graduated musicians.

Their primary target audience consists of educated younger people.

So it was also essential to present this visually on their logo.

Their special uniform has red and gold colours. So the final logo needed to match ( in style and vibe ) those colours.

Despite the elegant and premium look, they still wanted a younger-looking logo. They wanted something new and modern but still kept the traditional look.

The process:

After mindful research, we first started to sketch our ideas on paper.

We aimed to include two of their defining instruments: the violin; and the piano — the logo must express what kind of service they provide.

Logo description

The small loops reflect the traditional motif.

I wanted a hidden detail that represents the beater of the dulcimer instrument — because it highly differentiates them from all other musicians.

The piano has a more modern and clean emotion. The curved line gives more energy.

The logotype

Their Logotype displays a minimalist, clean, yet premium appearance. Their Logo Mark style is line art, so this thin line typeface perfectly balances and makes a whole with their logo mark.


As a result, we’ve got a trendy and simple logo with a traditional touch. Which is perfect to aim for younger generations.

They can emborder their new logo on their special suits. Also, they can use it on any Online platform.

This logo will proudly represent their high-quality music and mission to be one of the best in their fields.



Rom' Art - Artistic and Cultural Association


The reaction of the CEO of Rom' Art

Please look below at what Lejla Lakatos, the CEO of Rom’ Art – Artistic and Cultural Association, said about the work and its results.

" They were easy to work with. They did a precise job. I recommend them with love! ❤️👌🏻 "
Lejla Lakatos
Rom' Art Artistic and Cultural Association

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