Web Design

We’ll create a website that is visually stunning and strategically sound. We’ll start by understanding your brand’s goals and objectives and then design a layout and structure to help you achieve those goals. We’ll also incorporate features and functionality that will help you attract more visitors and convert them into prospects.

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How is your new website going to help you?

"There is no such thing as a boring project. There are only boring executions."

With UX/UI design, it won't only look stunning but will also be effective.

We'll create a fully customised web design layout for your vision.

Better Google Rankings (Search Engine And SEO Friendly)

Minimise your Bounce Rate (our purpose is to keep your consumers on your website as long as possible).

Brand Consistency (Colour palette, Patterns, Photos, Icons & Illustrations).

Responsive Website Design (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Friendly).

It builds trust with your clients and target audience.

It will differentiate from your competitors.

It will Create a Strong First Impression.

Our Web Designing Process:

in 8 steps


During our 1-2 hours website consultation, we’ll ask about your brand, target audience, competitors and the purpose of your website. We’ll discuss what you want to display on the pages. Then we’ll have a strategy session to discuss your website’s structure.


We’ll create a strategic and logical Wireframe for your new website. We design on paper and, after that, in UX/UI design software (Figma). This way, we get an idea of the layout of your website’s pages and sections.


We’ll do much research on your industry and competitors. Then we’ll assemble a mood board with 3 different website styles, and you can pick the one you like best.


In this step, we’ll design your fully customised and unique homepage in Figma. We’ll present it to you, where you can change anything before we jump into the WordPress design process. This way, we’ll be 100% sure of your website’s style.


We’ll set up all the essential tools for the website (Host, Domain, WordPress download, Elementor pro, all the necessary Plugins Etc.). This way, it’ll work properly and securely in the future.


We’ll start the design process in WordPress, where we’ll bring your vision to life. We’ll do the presentation where you can still have 2 revisions. Once you’re happy with your final website, the entire site will be fully optimised and responsive on all devices.


We’ll do many tests with different people, even with other graphic designers, to ensure everything is bug-free and works appropriately. We’ll check all the plugins, email systems, logins Etc.


We know only some people learn to maintain a website; that’s why we’ll have a Website Walkthrough with you or record a video to help you navigate your site, make edits, and keep everything up-to-date. This way, we can leave you safe with your new website.

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