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Dr Zsubori Laszlo

We’ll walk you through how we made this minimalist dentist logo design. Scroll down for the whole logo case study.

Some info about our client:

Dr Zsubori Laszlo dentist surgeon, reached us to create a new logo for his dental surgeon business.

He was born in Kalocsa, Hungary. Kalocsa is hugely famous for its unique folk patterns.

Kalocsa pattern

“Concerning the motives, the unique Kalocsa pattern uses the stylised shape of wildflowers such as forget-me-not, carnations, cornflowers, lilac, daisy, and pansy. The disposition of flowers, filling of surfaces and representation of nature by folk art is always the same.”

The brief:

He already had a logo – which he didn’t say at the beginning of the conversation.

He made that logo with significant aspects we liked — the Kalocsa pattern mixed with a tooth.

Unfortunately, many people we asked couldn’t see it clearly on his logo.

The goal:

We aimed to make the existing logo more luxurious and modern. Have the Kalocsai pattern easily recognisable.

Also, the older one had more feminist elements, such as too many rounded edges and a circle around the logo mark. We desired to make it more masculine.

2 other concept versions:

We made two other way different concept versions. 

One with his monogram with Serif fonts, to have a very professional feeling.

The second is a more modern Logotype with a minimalist-style dentist mirror tool.

The chosen version:

The desired version is an upgrade of his existing logo. We were using the Kalocsai pattern in a minimalist way.

We used the negative technique to make it more exciting and modern. It’s also angled diagonally to give it more movement and positivity.


He wanted a clear message with the colours as well.

We wanted to make it premium, but also it was crucial to us to have the dentist feeling and be loyal to his existing brand identity.

We’ve picked a unique light blue colour which we’ve colour selected from his dentist’s robe.


The new logo needed a modern and fresh-looking typeface.

We’ve chosen the beautiful Poppins Sans Serif font for his Logotype. It will help his logo and brand appear more professional and premium to his target audience.



Dr Zsubori Laszlo

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